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First Post! Yay :D

Well I finally managed to find myself an invite code. 


This is kind of exciting, in a really geeky kind of way. I love starting new journals, it doesn't seem to matter if it's a digital one or a paper one.


I'm currently sitting in the ferry terminal in nanaimo, waiting for my ferry to van. There's this really irritating lady sitting behind me talking on her phone. She’s one of those who shouts while making phone calls types. Fabulous.


I used to have a much higher tolerance for people I swear. I don't know what happened to that in all honesty. My general bitchiness and irritation is much more fun to embrace while traveling with someone though. It's not nearly as much fun to have to keep all the bitting sarcasm to myself, spreading the 'love' is half the fun. There does seem to be a (much appreciated) lack of small screaming children this trip. Though I'm still only in the waiting room, there's a whole ferry ride ahead of me for that to change. It's odd to be on a ferry this early in the day. Okay some lady just made my day, she described the water as 'lumpy' today from all the wind. People who are obviously new to the coast and have no knowledge of the water and the local culture are both hilarious and aggravating. Like I said before, I have no patience for people these days.