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namida_akina ([personal profile] namida_akina) wrote2012-01-06 06:11 pm
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Hello cyberspace

So this is me posting for the sake of posting something just so my poor sad little page doesn't look quite as sad. It won't help much, but eh. 

So life update. Not much is happening these days, I work all the time and barely make enough to both pay the ridiculous rent prices of vancouver living and feed myself. But! I am getting a raise and a promotion in the next month or so (baring any major fails on the PTB's part). So WOO! Though really I've been ready to move up for over a year now and I already do most of what will officially be required of me.

Ok so that's a start, I'd say that there'll be more to come but honestly? I am lazy personified sometimes and tomorrow is my friday. We'll see.